hi, i'm jiyeon

vlogs, lifestyle, & visuals



about jiyeon

i was never really sure of what i wanted to do and my grades were below average

as i grew up, i became fond of mobile technology, pc hardware, and of course cinematography

graduating out of my teenage years, i set myself the goal of putting my line on track and developing my own character

i now self-study korean, run a cinematography-centric youtube channel, and have a job

i hope to one day become a professional cinematographer

youtube is the platform i use to showcase my work, as well as vlog any lifestyle and everyday life i have

i use a samsung galaxy s20 for all of my footage, and edit in davinci resolve 16

i am a one-man band and produce all my content by myself on a set schedule


you can reach me via the methods below

twitter: ji_xyeon
e: [email protected]